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Telekung: External Comfort for Inner Peace

What does it take to stay confident and focused in your daily work? In the busyness of work and activity, feeling comfortable is very important to ensure productivity is always awake. Same with prayer, as a Muslimah we want to be confident and improve our prayer and one of the way to achieve it is with improve the level of telekung selesa. 

Outdoor Comfort

The importance of clothes that are neat and worn appropriately according to the place and situation do not interfere with the focus of the work and activities performed. The same goes for other necessities. When comfort is felt when using it, a sense of pleasure will arise and you will want to use it again and again.


Mindset is a person’s mindset or way of thinking. A way of thinking that sees the long term as the main goal, will choose necessities that give comfort to the body to give satisfaction while using them. The aspect of true image must be there to remain consistent in choosing a beautiful and comfortable lifestyle not only outside the house, but inside the house as well.

telekung selesa

Material Quality

The selection of products that have high quality material characteristics such as good ventilation, not hot, not easily torn, durable, not attached to the body and soft on the skin is an important factor that can create a feeling of comfort on the body. 

Peace of mind

The heart experiences peace that is difficult for anybody other than the one experiencing it to adequately convey in words.
However, peace does not come rolling.  For example, when worshiping, when you wear a telekung and use a comfortable prayer rug, it will encourage reverence in prayer.

The same is true at work. When wearing clothes that use fabric that is comfortable on the skin, it will give you a feeling of comfort and calm and will make you more confident and focused to do all the tasks.

Comfortable Outside

Choosing essential items that have comfort features certainly brings a sense of calm, relief, confidence and fun to continue daily activities. This aspect is what Siti Khadijah cares about in every product production.  Not only do you want to look beautiful when you look at it, but the materials used are of high quality so that you can feel the comfort.

Comfortable exterior calm interior invites us together to try to be more mature in the selection of necessities for personal use or to share with others. 

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