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Telekung Travel: can you pray without it?

Does the use of telekung travel is necessary or just for style?

Pray with existing clothes

In today’s modern age, many young girls and working women tend to pray in everyday clothes because they don’t want to carry large bags when they leave the house. There are several aspects of clothing that need to be emphasized to ensure that the clothes worn are suitable for prayer.

Loose clothing

The most important condition is looseness. Clothes should not cling to the body because it will reveal the shape of the body. If attached, it does not meet the criteria of covering the aurat perfectly.

Thick material

The clothes worn must not be sparse so as to show the skin color clearly. The lighting factor needs to be taken into account to determine the appropriate clothing to wear on the body. Therefore, choosing the right material or fabric is an important element when buying clothes

Sleeves are not tucked

There is a pillar of prayer that requires us to raise our hands like takbiratul ihram. The movement of the pillar has the potential to cause the sleeves to be pushed up to reveal the wrists which are aurat for women. So, we need to make sure the end of the arm has a cut. If not, another option is to wear a handsock so that the ends of the arms are always covered

A veil covers the chest

Not only the clothes, but also the hijab should cover the chest in the front. At the back, it is best to pin it on the end of the hood so that it does not slip and reveal the neck when bowing and prostrating.

Cover the chin

It is not enough to cover the chest, the chin also needs to be taken into account. Some hoods are designed with chin pads. The design is very good because it makes it easier for women to complete the prayer requirements without wearing telekung.

Thick socks

The selection of socks should not be taken lightly. It’s not just about wearing socks, but it’s important to make sure the socks aren’t so thin that they show the color of the feet. The sock material needs to be thick to complete the condition of covering the aurat.

Long skirt or pants

If not wearing a robe, make sure the fabric or pants are long enough to cover the ankles so as not to show the shape of the calf if it is too short.

These are the aspects that SK takes into account in producing prayer-friendly women’s clothing collections. Many the collections available that complement all these features.

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